Pi Day in the Face!

It's Pi Day on March 14th!  What better way to celebrate this National Holiday then by Pie-ing your favorite Teacher/Principal and Senior in the face?  On Friday, the 15th, at  2:30, The Pies will Fly!  Donate $ to vote at the Whiting Community School for each of the following Potential Pie Recipients:  

Mr. Laboranti, Mr. Derry, Mr. Lamp, Mr. West, Mr. Hubert, Ms. Bryan, Mrs. Dieger, Ms. Bruening, Mrs. Hubert, Mr. Alfredson, and Mrs. McGrain, and Seniors Semia Aldrich, Marissa Labno, Braiden Hagestrom, and Alex Menke. The top 5 Faculty and top 2 Seniors will be pied by a student raffle drawing.

Anyone PK thru 6th Grade age there is no minimum donation.

Jr. High thru Adult age, a $5.00 donation per vote 

Parents and Friends are encouraged to donate and come watch the fun as well!

This event is sponsored by the Student Council and will be used to support the "Then Feed Just One" packaging event Saturday Morning, April 13th.