Mr. Christopher Derry,
K-12 Guidance Counselor
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Mission Statement

To provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career,
and personal/social development for the success of ALL students.

Counseling Services

School counselors help all students make appropriate personal, career, and educational decisions. In either individual or group sessions, or classroom guidance, the counselors:

  • Help students to achieve increased self-awareness and feeling of self-worth, provide opportunities for students to discuss personal and/or social problems that may affect learning, motivation, and personal development

  • Meet annually with each student to plan an educational program consistent with his/her needs

  • Provide information to students and parents about colleges, careers, and vocational schools

  • Act as student advocates in any reasonable cause

  • Work with teachers and parents to help students achieve their potential in school

Students can refer themselves or be referred by teachers, parents, and administrators requesting services. To make a referral, parents are encouraged to contact the counselor directly.