New Vaccine Requirements for all students entering 7th and 12th grade

Vision Screening Requirements • Kindergarten and 3rd Grade • Dental form

Dear Current 4 year old preschool and 2nd grade Parent/Guardian:

The Iowa Department of Health has recently put into effect a law requiring that every student in Kindergarten and third grade have a certificate of vision screening.

To be valid, the vision screening shall be performed no earlier than one year prior to the date of enrollment and no later than six months after the date of child’s enrollment into both Kindergarten and third grade.

A vision screening may be conducted by a physician, advanced nurse practitioner, physician assistant, local public health department, public or accredited nonpublic school, community based organization, free clinic, or child care center.

Although a comprehensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist or optometrist meets the requirement of vision screening, it is not a requirement to have a full comprehensive exam. Please have the Certificate of Vision Screening form completed (which I will send home with your student) and returned to the school by the start of the year. Other vision screening forms are accepted but must include all information on the vision screening form at a minimum.

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