Great Day at District Speech Contest!


It was a great day at speech contest on Saturday January 19th! HICK Radio (Landon Christensen, Nick Ethier, Alex Menke, Noah Hutt, Jason Hanner), Reader’s Theatre ( Allison Stokes, Kirsten Myers, Halle Murray, Cadence Morton, Sapphire Bennett, Dena Nichols), Group Improv (Semia Aldrich, Noah Hutt, Jonny Gage, Cassadi Anderson, Nick Ethier) all received 1 ratings. XOXO Radio ( Alayna Young, Atley Nelson, Semia Aldrich, Dena Nichols, Lauryn Teel) and Ensemble Acting (Halle Murray and Olivia Brown) received 2 ratings. All the students did a great job! Large group state is scheduled for February 2nd in Spencer.