WHS Spanish Trip to Texas

On Sunday April 9th, High School Spanish 3 and Spanish 4 students left at 8:00 AM to travel to Texas for a week long Spanish Trip. Amanda McGrain, Whiting High School Spanish Teacher, and two other chaperones drove 14 students them on their way South to Texas. 

The students then traveled 6 hours to San Antonio, Texas. Students stopped at a fast food restaurant along the way there for lunch and then visited the Alamo in the afternoon. Students had a guided tour of the Alamo. Following the Alamo, students visited the local Spaghetti Warehouse for another great meal. Students then took a boat tour called the "River Walk." They saw lots of gorgous while on the boat ride.

The first stop on the trip was in Oklahoma City where the students visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial. They learned about the bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. They also stopped at a local restaurant for a great meal. Students then stayed at a hotel over night in the city.

The next day, students got a tour of the San Antonio Art Museum. The students learned about Spanish culture and were shown some art that was on display in the museum and learned some background on the art pieces. San Antonio is also home to a Latin Market Square where students were allowed to look around in different Spanish markets and buy things that you probably couldn't buy back in Iowa. Following the Market Square students visited a Mexican Restaurant called La Tierra. 

Thanks to everyone who supported this trip for our students and we hope to keep the trip going for future students!