1. We believe that the school, family, and community should be partners in the educational process.
  2. We believe students should become life-long learners and contributing members of society.
  3. We believe students should have a thorough understanding of the principles of democracy.
  4. We believe there should be high expectations and high ethics by all involved.
  5. We believe the school should foster a safe environment for learning.
  6. We believe individuals should be accountable for their own actions.
  7. We believe there should be mutual trust and respect by all involved in the educational program.
  8. We believe students should obtain the necessary skills and background to enable them to independently broaden and deepen their knowledge of technology.
  9. We believe that opportunities should be made available for the staff to continue to learn through participation in workshops, credit classes, and professional development meetings.
  10. We believe that diversity is an important part of society.