What does Whiting CSD's Music Program consist of?

Whiting CSD's Music Program consists of allowing students enrolled at Whiting Community School to showcase their musical abilities at concerts and contests. This program consists of student's singing and instrumental abilities. Music Director, Alicia Vande Hoef, works with students daily to enhance their abilities and works with them on songs for their next concert. Students can start learning an musical instrument once they reach 5th Grade. There are many types of instruments for them to choose from including woodwinds, low brass, and percussion. The Elementary (PreK-5th Grades) and Middle School and High School (6th-12th Grades) have their own concerts in the Winter and the Spring. Once students reach Middle School and High School, they have the option of showing off their own individual musical talents at contests.
If you have any questions concerning the music department,
please email Alicia Vande Hoef, K-12 Music Director.


Concert Dates

*Veteran's Day Program - Date - Friday November 10th. Time - TBA

*Elementary Winter Music Concert & Bake Sale - Date: Dec 7th, 2017 @ 7:ooPM in the Gymnasium!

*Middle School/High School Winter Music Concert - Date: Dec 14th @ 7:00PM in the Gymnasium!

Pep Band

*The Pep Band plays the National Anthem at the beginning of home games with the school song to following right after! The Pep Band also plays some peppy songs during halftime!

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" ~Whiting Pep Band